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Pet Taxi and Errand Service
$25 per hour
These may include trips to the vet, groomer, pet store, grocery store, dry cleaners, post office, or even waiting for a cable/delivery/service company.  We can also provide other services such as gift shopping and wrapping, addressing and mailing invitations or Christmas cards, etc.  If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask, and we will try to accommodate you.
Keys and Security
It is preferable to allow us to keep your keys on file so that we can better accommodate you for an emergency or last minute trip. There is a $15 fee to pick up or return your key.
To assure ability to gain access to your pets, we require the use of your door key. We cannot accept garage door openers and garage codes as the only method of entry as these will not allow access if the electricity goes out. However, we will accept garage door openers or keypads as an additional method.
If your key is kept by us, you can Feel Secure knowing that all keys are kept in a locked key box with a number coded system. The keys are secured after each job is completed.
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Humane Society of the US
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Pet Sitting
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House Sitting
Don't have any pets but need a house sitter?  Let us help. This too, is custom designed for you based on your needs.
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